Equipment Leasing

More and more companies are leasing their automotive service equipment today. Leasing is the fast, easy, affordable way to acquire profit making equipment.

Working Capital
Leasing conserves your working capital for use where it will produce the best returns for you, e.g.: inventory, business development, accounts receivable.

Credit Lines
Leasing equipment leaves your existing credit lines untapped, allowing you to maintain your access to funds for short term needs, e.g.: accounts receivable, trade discounts, inventory peaks.

Hedge Against Inflation
Through leasing you acquire use of equipment at today's cost, while making rental payments with tomorrow 's inflated dollars. If you purchase for cash, you are investing today's dollars to cover tomorrow's expenses. As price levels continue upward, leasing offers a clear advantage.

Overcomes Budget Restrictions
Minimum cash outlay plus modest payments enable you to fit the lease into the tightest of budgets. Even when your spending schedule is severely limited, leasing makes it possible to obtain the equipment you need when you need it; allowing the equipment to pay for itself while it makes money for you.

We Make It Easy
We have leasing available for all the equipment we sell with a value of $2,000.00 or more. If you open an account with us, we will lease you the equipment you need. No hassles. No delayed credit decisions. No long, detailed credit forms or financial statements needed on purchases of less than $10,000.00. After you have decided on the equipment you need, call BOR-MAC, Inc. for details on leasing it. At BOR-MAC, Inc., approval is usually given the same day.

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